Tell us your goals. We’ll get the people to get you there.

Business excellence is driven by two critical elements — technology and people. And we at Agap understand both better than anyone else. That’s why we’re able to identify and deliver the best IT talent to your business, regardless of your size, industry, or organizational culture.

Equipped with extensive experience and deep connections in the IT industry and related sectors, we not only know what you need in terms of talent but also where to find it. So, whether you are a quirky startup looking for tech wizards with an entrepreneurial streak or a multinational behemoth looking to revamp or overhaul your workforce, we can get you what you need. What’s more? We can do this for you at a low cost, within shorter hiring cycles, and with minimal effort from your end!

We provide end-to-end talent management services to the world’s leading organizations and help them achieve their business goals quickly by finding them employees who fit both their culture and technical requirements. We specialize in sourcing personnel for a diverse range of IT functions, as follows:

Application Development

Enterprise Data Management


Project Management and Business Analysis